e        otion


joe murray   laurie messina



emotion. heart. tears. laughter. growth. discovery. wisdom. understanding. 

…the human story. 


No matter who we are or where we live, well-crafted stories told with heart and mind can connect us….and the truth they reveal inspire, enlighten and make a difference.


By blending our artistry and extensive experience in creative conception, writing, feature film and television commercial production and digital and documentary filmmaking, we tell compassionate, personal stories that connect and communicate on a deep level in an honest, authentic way. 

Cooley’s Anemia Foundation

Gift Of Hope “Vicki”

Cooper Tires-“Corvette Jack”

Affordable Care Act “Sonia”

American Express “TaskRabbit”

Affordable Care Act-“Trent”

Rite Aid “Johnny” 

Rite Aid “KidsCents”